spring colors trending 2013

Trending – Hello spring and hello colors


Recently I’ve been looking for things to buy online and suddenly I see this amazing bag in a full range of colors. I couldn’t decide on which one to buy, I really wanted all of them. So I thought I needed to see what colors I’ll be wearing during spring so it could (somehow) complement my outfits. I could remember that when I was doing some runway and street-style research I saw some specific colors on almost every outfit. Whether you wear this colors on a total look, a bag, an accessory or shoes, these are the colors you need to be looking for spring.

Top 6 Spring Colors:

1. Red

2. Blue

3. Black

4. White

5. Sunset Colors (yellow, orange and red)

6. Green

You can wear this colors in different tones, for example blue tones can go from an icy blue to an indigo blue. Also you can wear the metallic version. For example metallic green or metallic orange, yellow or pink (sunset colors) as seen in Burberry garnments.Or if you want a sping/easter mood you can choose the pastel hues.

Eventhough they’re a lot of ways you can wear this colors, I would recommend to mind the ocassion you’ll be wearing it.  Tip:  Pastels work great on the day outfits. I prefer metallics for the night. And I would wear the total look for the day and night outfit.

What’s your favorite spring color? What are you shopping for?


Alejandra García

spring colors trending 2013

red and blue spring colors 2013


black and white spring colors 2013


sunset colors and green spring colors 2013



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