Cara Delevingne Coachella Model off duty

The Coachella look inspired by Cara Delevingne

I guess this next fashion icon doesn’t need to be presented. All I need to say is that her last name is Delevingne and that she is the new IT GIRL in the fashion world. Every designer, every magazine and every photographer wants to work with her. Her model-off-duty style inspires the look of today’s post. So Coachella‘s annual music festival is taking place this weekend. Celebrities, music artists and fashion icons from all around the world are meeting this weekend in California for the event. And to inspire the Coachella’s look I decided to let Cara Delavingne be the one who teach us how to pull it off.
Here’s what you’ll need basically: a white t-shirt, denim short-shorts, mirrored sunglasses, indie/boho accessories and lots of sunscreen.
How will you dress for this occasion?
Send me a picture of your outfit via e-mail or tag it via Instagram using #coachellaWG and I’ll include your outfit and blog’s web site on monday’s post.
Ale García
Cara Delevingne inspires the Coachella look

Denim shorts
$35 –

Made vintage handbag
$130 –

J Crew j crew


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