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Blogging 101 – A dedicated post. (Mini-Series)

Hello reader,

A couple of months ago I received a question, (from a dearly follower on Google+), on how to start a blog. It was kind of difficult for me to try to write down in a couple of words the process behind it, since this does not start at the moment you subscribe to WordPress or Blogspot. It actually starts when you commit to doing so.

I had fun remembering how I started White Guru Mx’s blog. I can say it all started because of a necessity (sales and promotions) and somehow a passion for writing down my never-ending thoughts about fashion, business and technology. When I tried putting it in steps, it was kind of challenging. In my experience intuition and commitment play a huge role in the whole process. Commitment because without it, the whole purpose of blogging fails. And intuition because whichever your interests and blog topics are, you´ll need to go beyond the raw data, or any kind of information you know about your topic, and really let your mind speak.

blogging 101

So the first step on starting a blog – in my opinion – is to answer  3 simple questions before hitting the PUBLISH button:

  1. What topics are you interested in and will like to talk about in your blog?
  2. What value are you giving to your readers through your blog? (your blog’s value proposition)
  3. Why will they want to come back and read more?

If you can´t answer them, WAIT… maybe you’ll need to keep looking for the right motivation and purpose on doing this.

So think about it, write down your ideas and on the next post I’ll talk  to you about some tools that will help you get started.

About today’s post, I would like to say that I’m just trying to share my experience about this topic, so what I’ll write next is just my point of view. I’ve read about this topic a couple of times but I’m not an expert. That’s why I decided to start a mini-series blog posts about my blogging experience where I’ll share some comments of what I wish I’d known when I first started up. – Readers have questions, I give answers. 

Limpieza facial del punto de vista de un hombre


Hace un par de meses compartí con ustedes varios tips de belleza enfocados al cuidado de la piel. Un día platicando con un amigo mío – Sergio – sobre las famosas banditas Bioré para puntos negros (las cuales tengo que aceptar nunca había usado) resultó que él  las usaba muy seguido ya que por tener los poros de su nariz un poco más grandes, era muy común que se le hicieran puntos negros. Y como él dice, nadie quiere puntos negros y menos en la nariz, que es un área que define la cara. Para el siguiente día ya estaba probando las banditas en mi casa…. y tengo que aceptar que tuve un poco de problemas al momento de acomodar la bandita en mi nariz ya que no sabía cual era la posición exacta y la forma en que debía de ponerse – ¿qué lado va hacia arriba y cuál va viendo hacia abajo? Así que decidí aprovechar que Sergio ya las había usado y sabía bien como funcionaban y le pedí de su ayuda para poder compartir con ustedes estos 6 simples pasos para una limpieza profunda utilizando las banditas para la nariz de Bioré (gracias Sergio).

Banditas para la nariz limpieza de puntos negros Bioré

 Algo que me dijo Sergio fue que por lo general él aplica las banditas después de bañarse, para aprovechar que el poro este abierto y así lograr un mejor resultado. Además me comentó que las usa cada vez que ve que tiene puntos negros, en realidad no tiene un día en especial a la semana o cada cierto número de días para usarlas;  y que lo padre de estas banditas es que las puedes encontrar en cualquier supermercado o farmacia.

Tengo que aceptar que en realidad no creía que las banditas fueran a dejar mi nariz sin puntos negros, pero después de usarlas y ver el resultado en mi nariz y en la de Sergio, quedé sorprendida. Si no me crees, haz la prueba, te prometo que te vas a sorprender.


Alejandra García y Sergio Aguilar 

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Biore banditas para limpieza de poros negros

Kiss Kiss

Hello readers,

Last year we were able to see all kind of iconic prints such as symbols and figures. One example and definitley one of my favorite symbols was Kenzo’s eye, someway I think it conveys a sense of inner peace and balance. But this time I can’t take my eyes off the Lips. The first time I saw DVF’s iconic lips clutch I felt in love with it and it’s sense of inner beauty and confidence. So, today I bring to you another way to wear this trend… In a super cute and shiny sweater.

What do you like most, the eye or lips trend?

Alejandra Garcia

MARKUS LUPFER Lips sequined merino wool sweater

Lips Sequined Merino Wool Sweater – Markus Lupfer

Find it here and here

You can pair it with:

Leather leggings forever 21

To the things that are yet to come…

2013 has come to an end and I couldn’t be more thankful for the amazing year. Although you were able to see and read (here in the blog) about several spring and fall trends for 2013, there were just few of them that really made a statement. 2013 was the year for crop tops, grunge and prints. From the checkerboard’s spring trend (like Louis Vuitton’s popular checkerboard dresses) to the eye’s  fall trend (like Kenzo’s ocular print) I could say  that prints and symbols were kind of  huge during 2013.

But what to expect for 2014? I could say that we’ll be seeing much of last year’s trends… crop tops, sport luxe, over-sized cuts, prints, leather, fur and we can’t forget pantone’s color of the year… Radiant Orchid.

What do you think will be this year’s top trend? My guesses are that the sports luxe (over-sized and boxed cuts) as well as the crop tops will make every fashionista want to workout and be in shape to be able to wear 2014’s hottest trends.


Alejandra Garcia 

Radiant orchid pantone 2014 color on boots Mink coat vintage leather leggings, boots, mink coat fashion leather leggings ankle boots

 I’m wearing:

Mink coat – Vintage, similar here

Leather leggings – Forever 21, similar here

Ankle boots – Calvin Klein, similar here

Clutch – Similar here