The best of Fashion Week (NYC) – Part I

Hello readers,

Here I am again, sitting in my spot – this comfortable couch with a sight to the beautiful mountains – enjoying a cup of hot coffee. It’s been a while since I wrote on my blog (I really missed this) but after the past hectic couple of weeks I’m so happy to be back. Specially for Fashion Week.

As Carrie Bradshaw said,

“Every year the women of New York leave the past behind and look forward to the future… this is known as Fashion Week.”

Although I’m not from NYC  for me this means long nights on looking to beautiful and promising collections. This week I’ll share with you some of my favorite looks and designers as well as my predictions for this year’s fall/winter fashion. Enjoy!

Any trend you think I’ve missed? Comment about it below.


Alejandra García

Fashion Week fall 2014 New York


Aquí estoy otra vez, sentada en mi “spot” – un sillón super cómodo con una vista a las hermosas montañas – disfrutando de una taza de café caliente. Desde hace tiempo que no escribo en mi blog (en verdad lo extraño) pero después de un par de semanas agitadas estoy demasiado feliz de estar de regreso. Especialmente para la Semana de la Moda.

Como Carrie Bradshaw dijo, “Cada año las mujeres de Nueva York dejan atrás el pasado y van en busca del futuro… esto es conocido como la Semana de la Moda.” Y no sólo las mujeres de NYC hacen esto. Para mi, esto quiere decir largas noches en viendo un sin fin de colecciones las cuales prometen ser “lo que viene” para la siguiente temporada. Esta semana estaré compartiendo contigo algunos de mis looks y diseñadores favoritos, así como mis predicciones en moda para la temporada otoño/invierno. ¡Qué lo disfrutes!

¿Crees que faltó mencionar alguna tendencia? Coméntalo abajo.


Alejandra García


blogging 101 for beginners

Blogging 101 – A dedicated post. (Mini-Series)

Hello reader,

A couple of months ago I received a question, (from a dearly follower on Google+), on how to start a blog. It was kind of difficult for me to try to write down in a couple of words the process behind it, since this does not start at the moment you subscribe to WordPress or Blogspot. It actually starts when you commit to doing so.

I had fun remembering how I started White Guru Mx’s blog. I can say it all started because of a necessity (sales and promotions) and somehow a passion for writing down my never-ending thoughts about fashion, business and technology. When I tried putting it in steps, it was kind of challenging. In my experience intuition and commitment play a huge role in the whole process. Commitment because without it, the whole purpose of blogging fails. And intuition because whichever your interests and blog topics are, you´ll need to go beyond the raw data, or any kind of information you know about your topic, and really let your mind speak.

blogging 101

So the first step on starting a blog – in my opinion – is to answer  3 simple questions before hitting the PUBLISH button:

  1. What topics are you interested in and will like to talk about in your blog?
  2. What value are you giving to your readers through your blog? (your blog’s value proposition)
  3. Why will they want to come back and read more?

If you can´t answer them, WAIT… maybe you’ll need to keep looking for the right motivation and purpose on doing this.

So think about it, write down your ideas and on the next post I’ll talk  to you about some tools that will help you get started.

About today’s post, I would like to say that I’m just trying to share my experience about this topic, so what I’ll write next is just my point of view. I’ve read about this topic a couple of times but I’m not an expert. That’s why I decided to start a mini-series blog posts about my blogging experience where I’ll share some comments of what I wish I’d known when I first started up. – Readers have questions, I give answers. 
overalls fall winter trenes

The Overall Comeback

Hi Followers,

Lately I’ve been obsessed with overalls. Although it kinds of remind me of my childhood I have to admit I love how they look. I find them so elegant and chic I would definitely wear them to a dinner with friends, a social event or even to work. What I love about overalls is that you can add any type of accessories to it and you’ll end up looking glamorous. In this case I decided to wear a statement necklace, a simple white tank beneath it, and a cute small square-bag. Another thing that I love about this key-item is that during fall-winter season I just add a tailored-cut blazer and I’m ready to go.

I would definitely recommend wearing a one color overall like: Denim, Black, Red or Orange.

Do you like this trend? Will you wear it?


Alejandra García



Últimamente he tenido esta obsesión por los overoles. Aunque me recuerdan mucho a mi infancia, tengo que aceptar que amo como se ven. Los considero muy elegantes y chic por lo que definitivamente lo usaría para una cena con las amigas, un evento social o incluso para trabajar. Lo que amo de los overoles es que con tan sólo agregar un accesorio, terminas con un look muy glamuroso. En esta ocasión decidí usar un collar statement, una simple tank blanca y una pequeña-y-cuadrada bolsa. Otra cosa que amo de esta pieza clave es que puedes usarlo durante la temporada otoño-invierno, sólo le agregas un blazer corte sastre y estás lista para salir.

Definitivamente te recomiendo que elijas un sólo color para el overol, por ejemplo: Mezclilla, Negro, Rojo o Naranja. 

¿Qué te parece este trena? ¿Lo usarías?


Alejandra García 

today im wearing an overall


                  black overall with statement accessories



         black overall forever 21

 Overol tendencia otoño-invierno

Today I’m wearing…

–       Overall – Forever 21

–       ­White Tank H&M

–       Necklace – Millié Jewelry Design

–       Shoes – Nine West

–       Bag – Vintage

shoes and perfumes what to gift mom

More gifts – Mother’s Day is just around the corner!


I guess this will be the perfect gift-guide for my mom. She loves shoes and perfumes so much I’m really considering giving her something like this.

What are you giving your mom this Mother’s Day?

Alejandra García

Shoes and parfums guide for mother's day

ALDO ankle tie sandals

Aldo pumps

High heel shoes

ALDO metallic wedge

ALDO turquoise flat

ALDO metallic flat



kristina bazan kayture and how to wear white

How to: Wear White with Kristina Bazan


So we’re still in April and my list of fashionistas keeps on going. So I’ve decided to put Kristina Bazan’s (from Kayture) outfits as inspiration on today’s topic: how to wear white. From Geneva, Switzerland, Kristina is a 19 year old top-fashion blogger behind the renowned blog called Kayture . She started her blog back in 2011 due to her passion for the fashion industry. She decided to name her blog that way because in kindergarten she was called by the first letter of her name, back then when she lived in the USA. So she decided to use “Kay” for Kristina and “ture” which stands for couture and geniusly ended up with Kayture.

Her polished and chic style reflects her big admiration for Gabrielle Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu and Dior. Now you can understand why she dresses so chic!

I really admire the work of this blogger, handling school and a blog is not easy. That’s why I totally really agree with her when she wrote: “Destiny is for losers; it is just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen.” Being in school, having to do photoshoots every week and travelling around the world looking so chic everyday have made her one of my favorite bloggers.

Watch and learn how she wears this season’s trend: WHITE. Hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to check out her blog for more fashion tips and trends.

How are you wearing white this season? Let me know via Instagram using #wearwhite hashtag and I’ll post your pictures by the end of this week on my blog.

Alejandra García

Seguimos en Abril y mi lista de fashionistas sigue creciendo. Así que hoy decidí poner a Kristina Bazan como ejemplo e inspiración del tema de hoy: cómo usar el Blanco. De Ginebra, Suiza y con tan sólo 19 años, Kristina es la top bloggera de moda detrás del famosísimo blog llamado Kayture. Kristina empezó su blog en el 2011 debido a su gran pasión por la moda. Decidió ponerle ese nombre a blog debido a que cuando era pequeña y vivía en Estados Unidos, la llamaban por la primer letra de su nombre. Así que decidió juntar “Kay” de Kristina y “ture” de la palabra couture y formó Kayture.

Su estilo elegante y de alguna manera ‘limpio’ refleja su gran admiración por personas como Gabrielle Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu y Dior. Ahora podemos entender porqué se viste tan padre siempre.

En realidad admire mucho el trabajo de Kristina, el tener clases y además llevar un blog no es nada fácil. Por esto mismo me identifiqué mucho con ella cuando escribió “El destino es para perdedores, es una escusa tonta el esperar a que las cosas sucedan en vez de hacer algo para que éstas sucedan.” Llevar una vida de estudiante, tener que hacer photoshoots cada semana y además viajar por todo el mundo viéndote siempre así de chic son las razones que hacen que Kristina sea una de mis bloggeras favoritas.

Ahora solo queda ver y aprender de cómo ella usa una de las tendencias de esta temporada: el BLANCO. Espero que les guste y no olviden visitar su blog para encontrar más tips y tendencias de moda.

¿Cómo estás usando el blanco esta temporada? Házmelo saber por medio de Instagram usando el hashtag #wearwhite . Al finalizar la semana estaré publicando tu foto en mi blog.

Alejandra García