DVF made for Glass

Technology meets fashion with DVF for Glass

The time has arrived… after waiting almost a year and a half  (since DVF’s Spring 2013 show at New York Fashion Week) today DVF Made for Glass collection is out!

DVF Made for Glass collection offers 5 frames and 8 shades designed specifically for women (for men they have the original Titanium Collection).

Today I would like to share with you my top 5 favorites.

And if you’ll like to get your Glass, you can buy them in Net-a-Porter or Glass‘ website.

So, which one’s your favorite?


Alejandra García


Matte Java


Aviator Sea Emerald


Navigator Orchid Mist


Navigator Rose Gold Flash


Matte Ice




Photo Credit: http://glassalmanac.com/first-look-13-diane-von-furstenberg-google-glass-frames-now-sale/4562/

My Short Experience – Glass

Hello Followers,

I’m writing this short post just because last week I had the opportunity to try on Google’s Glass for the first time, here’s the whole story… Thursday night I was having dinner with my family at Whole Foods and suddenly I saw this guy wearing some unique glasses with a bright light on it, it reminded me of something I had seen before. I realized he was wearing Glass. Since I’ve been following and have written about Project Glass and Wearable Technology for some time ago, I saw this as an opportunity to finally test my assumptions on these devices. My brothers and I approached the guy wearing Google’s Glass and had the chance to try his glasses. From what I recall its main feature was to let you capture your everyday life and help you make some tasks in a more efficient way. So there I was, with this glasses on watching somebody else’s life. Here’s what I experienced..

When I first put them on, I had a little bit of difficulty trying to see what was on the screen. I guess this happened because it was my first time using them and didn’t know I had to focus my attention to the right eye. Then I saw this small screen floating in front of me with the time on it. Then the guy told me to make the swipe gesture on the right of the glasses to be able to watch some pictures he captured. It was so cool. He said that although Glass has wi-fi it needs to be connected (wire-less) to your iPhone to be able to work. He also told us that he wears it everywhere: while he driving, riding his bicycle, walking, running, etc. and that till now he has had no problem with it.

I really enjoyed wearing Glass for some minutes but I’m not quite sure if I will like to wear them everyday since I really had time trying to focus on the small screen. Maybe if the screen wasn’t that small it’ll be nicer. But the experience is just as I imagined it: amazing. And there’s no doubt I’ll buy them when they come out to the market.

Have you tried Glass? What was your experience? Or what’s your opinion about it?


Alejandra Garcia





Google Glass project and Diane Von Furstenberg SS Fashion week

Trending: #ifIhadglass Google Glass meets Fashion

Hello Gurus,

For some time, we’ve been hearing about the much-anticipated Google Glass. We even saw  Diane VF, Google Co-founder and project lead Sergey Brin wearing some of Google’s Glass during the DVF  SS’13 fashion show. Models were also spotted wearing the Glass during the catwalk giving us a hint on how we would look in the near future. During the catwalk they recorded some of the show using their Glass. These videos were then used by Google on its Glass Project’s documentary which you can now watch online.

In case you didn’t have the time to watch this event, below you’ll find a video I like so much called ‘DVF through Glass’ , it is nominated for Best Video Online and you can vote for it on the following link  www.fashion20awards.com/vote/

I think it’s so amazing how fashion and technology are working together to create something revolutionary. I can’t wait to get my Glass, the orange Glass is my favorite, hope they’re out soon. And #ifihadglass I would use it to spot and share with you every single fashion piece I see and like.

So gurus What do you think? Will you use the Glass?

Ale García


Hola Gurús,

Desde hace tiempo que hemos estado oyendo sobre el tan esperado Google Glass. Incluso en la pasarela de DVF SS’13 pudimos ver un poco de como estos grandiosos lentes se verían en nuestro outfit diario. Por si no recuerdan o no tuvieron tiempo de ver este momento les comparto un video que me encantó y además relata este evento en donde la moda y la tecnología se unen para crear algo revolucionario.

Durante la pasarela las modelos pudieron grabar parte de ésta ya que después se usaría para el documental de Google Glass Project el cual ya esta en la red. Incluso el video ‘DVF through Glass’ ha sido nominado para el Mejor Video Online y puedes votar en la siguiente liga www.fashion20awards.com/vote/

¿Qué les parece la idea? ¿Lo usarían? ¡A mí me encantó el Glass color naranja! ¿Ustedes qué opinan?


Ale García

Diane Von Furstenberg - Runway - Spring 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

DVF SS'13 and Google Glass

Google Glass project and Diane Von Furstenberg SS Fashion week

Google Glass project and Diane Von Furstenberg Fashion Week SS 2013