Elie Saab dresses resort 2014

A girl’s dream – Elie Saab Collection

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I’d like to share with you one of my favorite designer’s collection. He is Elie Saab and this is his 2014 Resort collection. Four collection essentials: white, black, nude and red.


Alejandra García



Me gustaría compartír contigo el día de hoy la colección de uno de mis diseñadores favoritos. Él es Elie Saab y esta es su colección Resort 2014. Cuatro elementos esenciales de la colección: blanco, negro, nude y rojo.


Alejandra García

Elie Saab dresses resort 2014

– Showing skin on the right places complement your figure and adds sexiness.

Elie Saab fashion show

Streetstyle fashion week 2014

– Make black and lace your best ally.

Elie Saab fashion week

– Upgrade your attitude by adding movement to your clothes.

Dresses formal casual

red dress Elie Saab resort 2014

– Red is always sexy and feminine.

White dress Elie Saab 2014

Elie Saab couture fashion

– “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” – Marilyn Monroe

My Short Experience – Glass

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I’m writing this short post just because last week I had the opportunity to try on Google’s Glass for the first time, here’s the whole story… Thursday night I was having dinner with my family at Whole Foods and suddenly I saw this guy wearing some unique glasses with a bright light on it, it reminded me of something I had seen before. I realized he was wearing Glass. Since I’ve been following and have written about Project Glass and Wearable Technology for some time ago, I saw this as an opportunity to finally test my assumptions on these devices. My brothers and I approached the guy wearing Google’s Glass and had the chance to try his glasses. From what I recall its main feature was to let you capture your everyday life and help you make some tasks in a more efficient way. So there I was, with this glasses on watching somebody else’s life. Here’s what I experienced..

When I first put them on, I had a little bit of difficulty trying to see what was on the screen. I guess this happened because it was my first time using them and didn’t know I had to focus my attention to the right eye. Then I saw this small screen floating in front of me with the time on it. Then the guy told me to make the swipe gesture on the right of the glasses to be able to watch some pictures he captured. It was so cool. He said that although Glass has wi-fi it needs to be connected (wire-less) to your iPhone to be able to work. He also told us that he wears it everywhere: while he driving, riding his bicycle, walking, running, etc. and that till now he has had no problem with it.

I really enjoyed wearing Glass for some minutes but I’m not quite sure if I will like to wear them everyday since I really had time trying to focus on the small screen. Maybe if the screen wasn’t that small it’ll be nicer. But the experience is just as I imagined it: amazing. And there’s no doubt I’ll buy them when they come out to the market.

Have you tried Glass? What was your experience? Or what’s your opinion about it?


Alejandra Garcia





Lauren Santo Domingo street Style Valentino jumpsuit

For Every Summer Occasion

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Believe it or not you you can wear a jumpsuit for different occasions. Wether it’s a day at the beach or a night out, here are some ideas on how you can wear these super chic jumpsuits.


Alejandra García



Aunque no lo creas puedes usar los jumpers o jumpsuits para diferentes ocasiones. Ya sea un día en la playa o una noche de fiesta, aquí te dejo algunas ideas de cómo puedes usar estos súper chic jumpers.


Alejandra García

– Black and White

zoe saldana fashion elie saab

– Zoe Saldana wearing Elie Saab

Natalia Vodianova street style fashion stella mccartney spring summer

– Natalia Vodianova wearing Stella McCartney

Sarah Jessica Parker fashion style elie saab

– Sarah Jessica Parker wearing Elie Saab


– Blues and Sunset Colors

Diane Kruger fashion style Jason Wu Vogue France

– Diane Kruger in Jason Wu

Miley Cyrus at Rachel Zoe fashion week

– Miley Cyrus at Rachel Zoe Fashion Show

Lauren Santo Domingo street Style Valentino jumpsuit

– Lauren Santo Domingo wearing Valentino.

elle macpherson wearing a yellow jumpsuit summer fashion star

– Elle Macpherson wearing a yellow jumpsuit.

– Patterns and Others

Diane Von Furstenberg fall 2013 runway collection

– DVF fall 2013 jumpsuit

ALICE + OLIVIA wideleg jumpsuit shopping

– ALICE + OLIVIA Jumpsuit

Rihanna jumpsuits armani jeans fashionista

– Rihanna wearing Armani Jeans

denim vest fashion blog white guru mx

The Denim Vest

Hello followers,

I hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did.  I can’t believe we’re in the middle of the year, time really goes fast!!! So this week we’re saying bye-bye June and hello July and why not, hello summer outfits.

This week it’s all about denim. I might guess you already have a denim shirt or high-waist denim shorts if not, go and buy some ’cause denim clothes are a closet must-have. But today I’ve decided to wear denim in a different way. The denim vest is one of my favorite items, I remember seeing this vest at Levi’s a couple of years ago and couldn’t resist buying it. I love wearing it in summer with a romper but I have to admit  the denim on denim trend is my favorite. Hope you like it!

Ps. As I had previously told you, last Friday was my birthday and I had a blast of a time. Hopefully I’ll be sharing some pictures with you this week.

How will you wear this denim vest?


Alejandra García



Espero hayas disfrutado de tu  fin de semana tanto como yo. No puedo creer que ya estamos a mitad del año, el tiempo en verdad pasa volando. Pero bueno de alguna manera esta semana le decimos adiós a Junio y le damos la bienvenida a Julio y por qué no también le damos la bienvenida a la ropa de verano (ahora sí sin excusas).

Esta semana se la dedicaremos a la tendencia denim. Me pudo imaginar que de alguna manera ya tienes una blusa denim o short a la cintura denim, si no es así en verdad te recomiendo que vayas a comprarte unos porque la ropa denim es algo que debes de tener en tu closet. El día de hoy decidí usar esta tendencia de una manera distinta. El chaleco denim es de mis piezas favoritas, aún  recuerdo viéndolo el hace un par de años atrás en Levi’s. Me gustó tanto que  no pude resistir en comprármelo. Me encanta llevar este chaleco en verano con un jumper pero tengo que admitir que la tendencia de denim sobre denim es mi favorita. Espero les guste.

¿Cómo usarías tú este chaleco?


Alejandra García

denim vest street style summer fashion 2013


denim on denim spring summer 2013 fashion trends


fashion street style spring summer 2013


accessories denim vest short shorts fashion


denim on denim white shirt shorts vest sunnies summer



Birthday Wish List – Balmain


It’s almost friday! I’m really excited for my birthday, although I’m not sure how I’m going to celebrate I’m pretty sure something will come up! So here’s another item of my wish list! It may sound weird but I would love to have the entire Balmain’s collection: spring-summer, fall and resort! Crazy right? Well I couldn’t decide which outfit I like the most that’s why I chose the entire collection.


Alejandra García



Here’s what I wore today.. It was a pretty hot day so I decided to wear a red-hot blouse, some short-shorts and pretty white sandals.