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By the big 25…

It seems just like yesterday I blew out the candles for my 18th birthday. Last saturday the big 2–5 arrived so I took some time to think of what I did and learned through out these wonderful years, and today I would love to share these thoughts with you… hope you like them!

By the big 25….

1. You know how to choose your friends wisely,

2. And know that it’s not possible to keep them all.

3.  Now you know that wanting and having a relationship takes work, but it’s REALLY worth it.

4. You appreciate spending time with your family,

5. And find out your parents are cooler now than they were ten years ago.

6. But also, you know how great it is to leave home and see the world.

By the big 25….

7. You should start saving money.

8. And know that money can be a serious issue if not handled properly,

9. But also that splurging once in a while after working hard is pretty great.

10. You enjoy dressing up and attending fabulous events,

11. But you also know that staying in is as fun as going out.

12. You understand the real meaning of responsible drinking, not just for yourself, but also for others.

13. And start accepting that hangovers DO get worse over the years.

By the big 25….

14. You learn that quality is better than quantity.

15. You should know it’s okay to cry like a baby with a stupid love story or movie.

16. But that you’re old enough to speak for yourself.

17. You should know rejection is the one thing in life that makes you stronger,

18. And that you can still have some regrets even though people say “your old enough”.

By the big 25….

19. You understand the importance of saying no,

20. And that it’s okay to be selfish.

21. You now understand the real meaning of the word “confidence”,

22. And accept it is okay to not know everything,

23. You should know life is too short to worry all the time.

24. And that even strangers can make a difference in your life.

25. But most important you understand that being a quarter of a century old is really not that bad, it’s more of a blessing.


Sorry again for the bad quality of the photos but as I said before, I only had my iPhone. 




Quote of the day:

Everything’s about love!

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Weekend Getaway


Last week was my first time in Los Cabos, and I have to admit I’m deeply in love with this place. I turned 25 last saturday and for my birthday I wanted to do what I love the most (besides from shopping), traveling. So I went to Los Cabos with my boyfriend and a couple of friends and this are some photos I took during my trip. I hope you fall in love with this view as much as I did when I was there.

And sorry for the not-so-good-quality photos but I only had my iPhone and I wanted to share with you this moment so I made this more of a on-the-go photoshoot.

Next week, I’ll be posting the photos of my birthday, so stay tuned.



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Floral-Royal Blue

Hello readers,

It was a rainy day. I know it’s kind of funny how this spring-almost-summer weather is kind of crazy. But this day, it was a rainy day. Gray, chill and humid. Meaning my hair was all over the place, I was a little bit cold, and I needed something bright to bring that warmth back to me. So, while looking through my closet I found this perfect skirt. Although I bought it some time ago I love that it still looks fashionable: it’s a high-waist, pencil skirt with a floral print and a beautiful royal blue color popping out. Which I adore! To calm that crazy hair of mine, I did a low ponytail with a deep-part (it reminded me of my childhood) but it was so easy to do and it looks so clean that I loved it. I added a red lipstick and a mustard clutch and got this floral-royal blue look. I guess I know what colors I’ll be wearing this summer.


Alejandra Garcia


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Today I’m wearing:

White blouse – Similar here

Floral-Royal Blue Skirt – Urban Outfitters similar here

Clutch – Similar Here

Shoes – Bcbg MazAzria

Earrings – Forever 21

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Un salto en moda y en tiempo


Nunca había experimentado tan de cerca el dicho que dice “el tiempo vuela”. Y es que es totalmente cierto. En realidad no puedo creer que el mes de Abril acaba de terminar, que la primavera está a la mitad y el mes de Mayo acaba de comenzar.

La primavera, una temporada en donde el clima es fresco y el sol empieza a picar. En donde el traer un abrigo de piel o lana ya no es necesario, pero de alguna manera cargar con un blazer o trenchcoat sigue siendo indispensable para esas mañanas y noches frescas.

Empieza esta transición de cambiar la manga larga por la corta y de cambiar los leggings de piel por unas faldas plisadas. Y es que es la primavera, una de las mejores épocas del año para usar de todo ya que sabes que en cualquier momento el tiempo cambiará y necesitarás quitar o agregar prendas a tu outfit. Y vaya que me ha pasado. Los últimos días he tenido que combinar los shorts con los suéteres y hay veces en los que he tenido que sacar todo de las cajas de la temporada de verano para encontrar la pieza perfecta para mi look del día.

Con la intensión de que no te pase lo mismo que a mi, y no estés vuelta loca con la ropa, el día de hoy te comparto un poquito de lo que vendrá en la guía de estilo para esta temporada la cual, estaremos viendo durante las próximas semanas. Cada semana estaré compartiendo contigo outfits inspirados en cada una de las tendencias, además estaré visitando varios lugares turísticos cerca de donde vivo. De esta manera compartiré contigo las dos cosas que más disfruto: la moda y viajar.

Este es sólo un adelanto pero espero te guste lo que está por venir.

Alejandra García

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In this post I’m wearing:

Floral Crop-Top – H&M

Pleated Skirt – Forever 21

T-strap Heels – BCBG MaxAzria

Black Hat – H&M

Start this Monday by Saying Yes to Things!


What I like the most from Mondays is that it is that day of the week where you promise-to or push yourself to start something… Whether it’s doing exercise, eating well or start your new project… Whatever that is, Monday is the day to say yes to that thing you’ve been wanting to do for some time ago. For me, this Monday I’m “saying yes” to exercise… What are you saying yes to?

Enjoy your monday and I leave you with some pictures that I find inspiring for a monday’s mood.

Happy Monday ❤

Alejandra García